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Terms & Conditions

This terms & conditions is hereby entered into by and between you, the Member as applicable (“you” or “your”) and Nihon Kadosha Co., Ltd. (“we”, “us”). You are deemed to have accepted the terms of this Agreement by availing of our services or completing the registration process.
Article 1 (Membership)
1. “Member” means an individual who applies to become a member upon accepting this Terms & Condtions, following the procedures according to what we have stipulated.
2. “Member information” is the personal information provided by the member and its transaction history.
3. This terms & conditions is applicable to all members and should be abided by during and after the registration process.
Article 2 (Registration)
1. Membership
Customers who have completed the membership application upon accepting this Terms & Conditions, are eligible for membership after the registration procedure has been completed. Membership registration must be completed by yourself, and no registration by substitute is acceptable. Membership applications by any individual who once has been banned from our services in the past, or any other individual whom the we perceive as unsuitable for the membership may be rejected.
2. Providing with your personal information
For entering your registration information, please read the precautions for providing your information and accurately enter the required information in the specified application form.
3. Management of password
(1) Passwords can only be used by yourself and cannot be given or lent to any third party.
(2) You need to manage the passwords properly like periodic change of the password to prevent leakage.
(3) Any notify made to us using the password is deemed to be the your intention. And you are responsible for any payment and result arising from such indication of your intention.
Article 3 (Modification / Change of Your Registered Information)
1. Should there be a modification in registered information, such as name or residential address, you should promptly notify and submit us the modified information.
2. We are not liable for any damage incurred for your not notifying us of the modification or change of the registered information. Please note that all transactions made prior to the modification or change of the registered information are processed based on the information provided prior to the change.
Article 4 (Withdrawal of Membership)
In the event you desire to withdraw a membership, you should complete the procedure of the withdrawal of membership. The withdrawal of the membership will be accepted upon completing the specified procedure.
Article 5 (Disqualification of Membership and Obligation for Compensation)
1. In case you submit any false information upon applying for a membership, or neglect to pay the account payable by your purchase, or has shown any other reason that we judge you to be unsuitable for continued membership, we may immediately terminate your membership.
2. If you commit any of the following acts, you will be liable for the compensation of the damages incurred to us;
(1) misuse of the member ID and/or password
(2) obstruction of our business by accessing and defacing the our website, or by sending a harmful computer programs to the our website, and through other activities destructive to our business
(3) infringement on the intellectual property rights of the goods handled by us
(4) any activity in breach of the Terms & Conditions
Article 6 (Handling of the Registered Information)
1. We do not disclose in principle, the registered information to any third party without the prior consent of the member. However, in the event that any of the following case is applicable, we may disclose the regsitered member information and other customer information without the prior consent of the member:
(1) in case we are requested law and/or regulation to disclose information
(2) in case we judge that the disclosure is necessary to protect our rights, interests, and/or reputation
2. Member information is managed in accordance with the our “Secure Management of Personal Information. We reserve the right to use the member information for the purpose of providing services to its members, improving its services, promoting service use, and ensuring sound and smooth service management.
3. We may provide information to members using e-mail or other means (including advertisement). If you do not want to receive such notification, we will cease to send them upon a request in accordance with the specified method. However, information required for our service management will not be ceased even with the request from the member.
Article 7 (Prohibited Acts)
The following acts are prohibited for using our service:
1. breach of laws and/or regulations, the Terms & Conditions for our service and shopping with our service, or other terms and conditions
2. harming our rights, interests, or reputation and/or any third party
3. acts likely to affect negatively on youth physically and/or emotionally, or other acts that offend public order and morals
4. acts of nuisance or offensive acts against other users and/or any other third parties
5. submission of any false information
6. transmission or sending harmful computer programs or e-mails
7. unauthorized access to our computer server or any other computers
8. transfer, lending, or sharing of passwords to/with a third party
9. other acts deemed inappropriate by us
Article 8 (Suspension or Termination of the Service)
In order to maintain our service operation in good condition, we may suspend some or all of its services without prior notice under the following conditions:
(1) during periodic or emergency maintenance of the system
(2) during system overload;
(3) when the system is rendered inoperable by fire, power failure, obstructive activity by a third party or any other factor
(4) in case we judge that shut down of the system is required out of necessity
Article 9 (Change or Discontinuance of the Service)
We may change or discontinue its service, in whole or in part, as necessary, at its discretion, without prior notice.
Article 10 (Disclaimers)
1. We are not liable for any damages incurred to a member with respect to our service, or damages attributable to system disruption, delay, shutdown, or data loss due to failure of communication and/or the computer, or unauthorized access to data.
2. We do not guarantee that e-mail contents transmitted from our website server domain is free of computer viruses and other harmful codes.
3. We are not liable for any damages arising out of a breach of the Terms & Conditions by a member.
Article 11 (Revision of Terms & Conditions)
We may make revisions to the Terms & Conditions voluntarily, and may also create supplementary terms and conditions, referred to as the “Supplementary Terms.” The revisions to and supplementation of the Terms are effective as of the posting of the revised Terms & Conditions or the Supplementary Terms on the Company website. Members are expected to follow the revised Terms of Use as well as the Supplementary Terms.
Article 12 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)
In case that a dispute arises in relation to the Terms & Conditions, such a dispute will be settled in the exclusive jurisdiction of the district court where our head office is located.