Ikebana supplies

We have several necessary tools, not only the must-have items like flower scissors or kenzan, but also special tools for ikebana.

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Museum Gel
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  • Museum Gel
  • Museum Gel
  • Museum Gel
  • Museum Gel

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Museum Gel

    Item Code:603302

    Quick & easy!

    For stabilizing a tall or slendar vase. Apply the gel to the back of the vase to attach. The gel adhesive coagulates in a few minutes (we recommend to leave for at least 30 minutes) and the vase cannot be detached even by pulling. However, it can be smoothly detached just by twisting.

    *can be used for pottery, glass, metallic, acrylic vases
    (NOT for bamboo or wooden vases)

    Item Price Qty
    Museum Gel ¥1,800

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