Ikebana supplies

We have several necessary tools, not only the must-have items like flower scissors or kenzan, but also special tools for ikebana.

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Kenzan (round) #10
  • Kenzan (round) #10
  • Kenzan (round) #10
  • Kenzan (round) #10
  • Kenzan (round) #10
  • Kenzan (round) #10

Ikebana supplies/Kenzan Pin Holder

Kenzan (round) #10

    Item Code:50101000

    A kenzan both for woody plants

    Commonly used kenzan for woody plants.

    *a stabilizing post cannot be attached

    sizediameter: 10cm
    materiallead, brass
    Item Price Qty
    Kenzan (round) #10 ¥3,500

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