Ikebana Vases

Several categories of the ikebana vases like classic and modern ones, and and made with pottery, glass, bamboo, etc... You can enjoying choosing from our large selection.

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Utakata (S)
  • Utakata (S)
  • Utakata (S)
  • Utakata (S)
  • Utakata (S)
  • Utakata (S)

Ikebana Vases/Aluminium

Utakata (S)

    Item Code:41101500

    Fleeting like the moon

    The ring emphasizes a single stem of flower in a glass water holder. We recommend to use the colored glass marbles or jelly to make it more colorful.

    glass water holder2.5cm×2.5cm, height: 11cm
    Item Price Qty
    Utakata (S) ¥2,000

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