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Shopping Guide

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Shopping Guide

Placing an Order

1. Choose the item(s) on the item's products details page.


A  Select the variations of the item, for example, different sizes or colors, as needed.
B  Enter a number in the quantity box.
C  Click Add to Cart.

2. Contents of your shopping cart is displayed.


A  To continue shopping, click Continue Shopping.
B  To proceed to checkout, click Proceed to Checkout.

3. Sign-in / Customer Account Registration

A  (For a registered customer)
Enter your e-mail address & password and click Sign-In to sign-in to your account.

B  For a customer account registration, click Set Up an Account.

C  If you don't want to create a customer account (Guest Checkout), click Continue Checkout as a Guest.

4. Enter Your Address

A  (For the registered customer)
Your registered customer information is automatically displayed.

(For the Guest Checkout)
Please enter your customer information.

B  Add a new address if the shipping address is different from the displayed address. The registered customer can select from the registered address.

5. Select the Shipping & Payment

A  Consider how quicky you would like to receive your order and choose a shipping method from below;
EMS (Express Mail Service) / airmail / SAL (Surface Air Lifted - economy airmail) / seamail

B Select the payment methods (credit card, bank transfer, personal or bank check, international postal money order, cash).
Please wait to remit until you hear from us concerning the total amount with shipping charge for your order.

Note: The total amount displayed after the checkout process does NOT include the shipping charge. We will e-mail you later the total amount including the shipping charge calculated based on the weight of the parcel.

C If you have any specific request, fill out the remarks column.

D Click Review Your Order.

6. Review Your Order

Check the accuracy all of the information you provided and make any necessary adjustment. When you are ready, click the "Place Your Order" button to submit your order.


1.The colors of the images might be slightly different from the actual products.

2. We will e-mail you immediately in case the item(s) you ordered is/are sold out and no more available, or the shipping is scheduled to be delayed for some time by the reason that the item(s) is/are temporarily out of stock.

Customer Account

To make your shopping smooth, we ask you to create a customer account. (You can make a purchase without creating an account).

Payment Methods

We have the following 6 options for the payment.

Credit Card
・We accept the 5 majoy credit cards as the images below:

Credit Logo

Note: You CANNOT directly make the payment with the credit card at this time, since the shipping will be calculated based on the total weight of the parcel after we accept your order, and we will send you the notification email for the total amount including the shipping together with the website URL for the payment process with the credit card, as soon as possible. Then you can access the URL to complete the payment process.


ペイパル|Mastercard,VISA,American Express,JCB

Note: As well as the credit card mentioned above, you CANNOT directly make the payment with the PayPal at the time of your order. Please access the link in the notification email sent to you later and choose "PayPal" to place the final order. You will be asked to login to PayPal to complete the process.

Bank Transfer (JPY)
Our Bank Account:
Nihon Kadosha Co., Ltd
      8 Naginatahokocho, Shijodori Karasumahigashi-iru
      Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8008 JAPAN
      ACCT. No. 2549232
Personal or Bank Check (USD)
International Postal Money Order (USD)
Cash (JPY or USD)
Please send to the following address (for Personal or Bank Check or International Postal Money Order or cash):
    Nihon Kadosha Co., Ltd.
    P.O. Box 36, Nakagyo
    Kyoto 604-8691


The items are packed securely and shipped by parcel post (Japan Post). You can check below for the estimated delivery time (rough estimate). We will e-mail you the tracking number of the parcel after your order is dispatched.

If you wish, items can be shipped by courier service (Fedex, DHL). In that case, please mention it in the inquiry form.

AsiaChina, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand3 to 6 days5 to 12 days2 to 3 weeks1 to 2 months
OceaniaAustralia, New Zealand3 to 5 days5 to 9 days2 weeks1 to 2 months
N. AmericaU.S., Canada, Mexico3 to 5 days5 to 9 days2 to 3 weeks1 to 2 months
EuropeAustria, France, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, U.K.4 to 7 days6 to 10 days2 to 3 weeks2 to 3 months
AfricaEgypt, South Africa5 to 7 days10 days2 to 3 weeks3 months
S. AmericaArgentine, Brazil6 to 8 days10 days2 to 3 weeks3 to 4 months


The amount of the shipping charge is calculated based on the total weight of the parcel (weight of the item & outside box & packing materials), after we accept your order. We will e-mail you immediately the total amount charged including the shipping. Click here for the shipping rate by the Japan Post parcel service.

1) Size & weight limits of the parcel vary by country.
2) SAL service is not available for some countries (Taiwan, South Korea, Syria, etc).
3) It may require more days for customs clearance.

Replacement & Exchange

If you received a damaged, defective, or wrong item, please e-mail us. We are happy to ship you the replacement at our expense right away.

If you want to exchange an item (only new, unopened) due to your personal preference such as "I ordered a wrong item" or "The item is not what I expected", please let us know what item you want to exchange. Then send the original item at your expense. Also, we charge you the shipping rate for the sending the exchanged item.

Contact Us

Please leave any comments or inquiries if any.

Web pages Click here to contact us
TEL: 81(Japan)-75-223-0613
FAX: 81(Japan)-75-212-0659